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Comodo EnterpriseSSL Pro

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Comodo EnterpriseSSL Pro

Secure your domain by Enterprise-level Comodo EnterpriseSSL Pro. Comodo EnterpriseSSL Pro offers you strong encryption strength, 2048-bit RSA key/ECC capabilities, organization authentication, huge warranty. Comodo EnterpriseSSL Pro is an ideal way of securing your enterprise web server and providing real time web identity assurance to your customers.

It can take a few working days to validate your business before SSL can be issued. Business validation means more trust to your brand name or company.

Comodo EnterpriseSSL Pro Details

Single Domain Certificate

The Comodo EnterpriseSSL Pro from Comodo provides validation for a single domain name.

Multi-Domain Certificate

The Comodo EnterpriseSSL Pro does not have a SAN or Multi-Domain supported option. The Multi-Domain certificates (Comodo EnterpriseSSL Pro) provide the same SSL security as our regular certificates but allow you to secure up to 250 domains on a single SSL certificate.
If you need to secure multiple domains with one certificate (for example: and please review multi-domain ssl certificates.

Wildcard Certificate

The Comodo EnterpriseSSL Pro does not have a wildcard option. The wildcard certificates secure a single domain and all the sub domains of that domain. If you plan to secure multiple sub-domains (for example: or please review wildcard ssl certificates.

Organization Validation

Business validated or so called Organization validated certificates (OV certificates, like Comodo EnterpriseSSL Pro), are a type of SSL technology that offers full 256-bit encryption to websites of businesses and other registered organizations. The difference between business validated certificates and domain validated certificates is that extra vetting is required to confirm your organization. Comodo will check to see that your company is legally registered by verifying your business profile.
To make the Comodo EnterpriseSSL Pro issued faster, be sure you have the correct contact information on Whois for your domain.

Trust level High

Comodo EnterpriseSSL Pro is good for Business websites & services.

Issuance in 1-3 days

Get the Comodo EnterpriseSSL Pro within just several days. Paperwork is required. To verify domain contacts, domain Whois protection should be turned off.

Unlimited Reissue

Unlimited reissue allows you to change Comodo EnterpriseSSL Pro settings any time

Green Address Bar

The Comodo EnterpriseSSL Pro does not have the GreenBar (extended validation) option. The Extended Validation certificates (EV Certificates) are the best solution when it comes to establishing trust online. Extended Validation means that, before a Comodo can issue the certificate, it must first perform a thorough background check to ensure the existence and legitimacy of a business. Once a business passes the validation process, the Extended Validation certificate is issued, typically within 3-10 business days, and the company website can now reap the benefits that Extended Validation certificate offers. We offer huge range of Extended Validation certificates.

Improved Positions in Google

The Google ranking algorithm helps websites with active and valid SSL certificates to get higher positions in Google Search. It applies to all type of SSL certificates like Domain certificates , Business certificates or Extended Validation certificates .
Verified companies or organizations may get even higher results.

Browser Compatibility

Comodo EnterpriseSSL Pro supports 99.9% browsers.

Unlimited Server Licensing

Unlimited Server Licenses at no extra cost. Free www. support. Secures and domains

Malware Scan

Protect your role as a trusted advisor with a cost-effective malware scanner. The Comodo anti-malware scan can help identify malware strains before they infect your customers. The Comodo anti-malware seal assures web masters that their sites have been scanned by a reputable certificate authority.

Mobile Support

Comodo EnterpriseSSL Pro has strong mobile compatibility, including Palm/Handspring Blazer, Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer, Apple iPhone, iPad Safari, Netfront, Blackberry, AT&T.

Paperwork Required

Due to the high level of validation provided by Comodo EnterpriseSSL Pro, certain paperwork is required before Comodo EnterpriseSSL Pro can be issued.

Security & Encryption

Comodo EnterpriseSSL Pro is a fully-stable 256-bit single-root SSL certificate. This makes it an ideal solution for a very light e-commerce site.

Warranty: $1,500,000

With Comodo EnterpriseSSL Pro you have a guarantee of $1,500,000. This means that if the website has been erroneously checked, or released for a fake store using Comodo, etc., Comodo will refund the final user of the website or victim up to $1,500,000 for any damage or harm suffered. Guarantees are aimed at protecting your customers.

100% Money Back Guarantee

The Comodo EnterpriseSSL Pro comes with a 15-Day Refund Policy, so you can take time to be completely sure you have purchased the right certificate for your needs. You can buy SSL certificate Comodo EnterpriseSSL Pro, try it, and return money if you do not need it.

FREE Static Site Seal

Your Comodo EnterpriseSSL Pro comes with free static Site Seal. You can display the seal anywhere on your site, to let customers know they are shopping on a secure site.
Static site seals are quick and easy to install, however they are not clickable to show additional verification information related to your web site or service. It also does not display any real-time data related to your site security.

How to install the Comodo EnterpriseSSL Pro Site Seal

Site seal

Review our Benefits & Features

Wide Range of Trusted SSL certificates

We provide trusted SSL certificates from most well-known Certification Authority centers like Comodo, everyone can find and buy the most suitable SSL product for domain, website or service.

Instant SSL generation speed

Very easy to use SSL management control panel allows you to generate certificates without any problems for a few seconds

SSL Validity up to 2 years

Wide range of SSL validity periods available at our store

FREE SSL Reissues

Regery services enable you to issue and reissue (recycle, reuse) your SSL certificates multiple times up till the end of your SSL period. It is designed to meet a variety of needs according to the company, for example change assigned domains to multi-domain certificate.

Cost Effective Service

SSL Certificates prices from Regery are most affordable on the market.

Certificates Live Together

Manage all your SSL certificates from known Certificate Authorities at one place

Cloud Storage

Regery services are cloud based which prevents losses from any data breach

24/7 Technical Support

Multi level customer support from Regery services is always ready to help our trusted users.
No matter how you choose to contact us, you will always receive a rapid response and resolution from our support team!