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.SU - the national top-level domain for the Soviet Union and the post-Soviet space.

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The .SU domain is the top-level domain for the Soviet Union. It was registered even during the existence of the USSR, but, even after the collapse of the Soviet Union, he continued to exist. Today, these domains can also be registered, since the domain zone of the Soviet Union continues to exist. This domain can be used in various areas. Most often it is used to create projects that are devoted to the Soviet Union and its history.

This zone is considered one of the most visited on the Internet and every day millions of users visit it. Regery helps you buy a domain in the .SU zone, and will also save you time in a convenient control panel.

Prices for domains in zone .su
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.su prices 
 8.49 $
 8.49 $
 8.49 $
Cyrillic IDN Support

.SU zone support IDN registration. Cyrillic currently is the only allowed script for registration.

Easy Registration in .SU domain extension

Find your desired name in .SU area, easily register it in .SU and build your precense in the internet

IDN Support

The .SU supports Internationalized Domain Names. IDNs are foreign language domain names that include non-ASCII characters. You can register an IDN using the native language characters or standard punycode character format. If you enter the language characters, we convert it to punycode and register the punycode version with the registry. To view characters in an IDN, you must adjust your language settings in your Web browser. If you can't see the characters, you might need to install a foreign language pack. For more information, see the Help for your Web browser.

DNSSEC Support

.SU supports DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions). When the DNS was first implemented, it was not secured, and soon after being put into use, several vulnerabilities were discovered. As a result, a security system was developed in the form of extensions that could be added to the existing DNS protocols. DNSSEC is a security protocol that helps reduce chanses that visitors of your site will be directed to fake website. With DNSSEC, browsers and name servers can check whether the answers they receive are authentic. This means that there is a smaller chance that users can be led to ill-intentioned websites.

Country Code Domain Extension

The .SU is the ccTLD, or country code top-level domain, is a domain extension reserved by a country, sovereign state or territory. Country code top-level domains are typically denoted by only being two characters, like .US, .UK or .DE. There are several ccTLDs that are also used as generic brand domain extensions, or gccTLDs, including .CO, .US, .ME, .WS, .GE or .LY

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Domain Locking for .SU

Domain locking prevents accidental or intentional transfers of domain ownership and stops anyone from redirecting your nameservers.

Domain Forwarding & Masking

Redirect your any domain name in .SU area to your new website, anyone who opens that domain name in a browser is moved directly to your new website.

Alerts & Notifications

Monitor the status of your domain name in .SU area or another domain area, and get instant notifications.

Auto Renewals

You do not need to watch expiration dates to make sure you renew product on time. Auto renew feature keeps your domains, ssl certificates and other products in your account and under your control.

IDN, Internationalized Domain Names

You can register domain in .SU, .COM, .ORG, .NET or another popular zones in native languages. Search is supported in native and English languages.

Fast .SU Domain Transfers

Transfer your domains to Regery it is fast, automated and risk-free process. You keep all the time remaining on your registration and get an one year extension at no extra charge.

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