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How do I transfer a domain to a new registrar?

When hosting and the domain belongs to different providers, sooner or later there is a need for their connection on a single account. It's easier and more profitable to go to the Regery provider, whose reputation in the sphere of providing hosting and domain is impeccable.

To transfer a domain is to transfer its name entirely to the technical support of another registrar.

This requires attention, calculation and compliance with a set of rules enshrined in relevant legislative standards.

Your main task is to check the list of services of the registrar, to assess the potential for effective coordination of the domain.

Choosing a domain registrar

Basic list of services provided in a number of zones:

  • contact correction function;
  • option of registration and subsequent adjustments of DNS servers
  • increasing the term of the domain.

If the above three services are observed, then you can start the transfer of the domain safely.

Keep in mind: often the re-registering of a domain implies that you provide personal information. This sometimes provokes resistance, but it can significantly reduce the risks of intrusion by intruders.

There are special circumstances when the transfer of domain zones is prohibited unless the following documents are presented: copies of the passport, TIN, manually written application with the notary's visa and a certificate of state registration with the stamp.

In the absence of any document, your application for registration or transfer can be rejected.

But most often the transfer of domains is a standard procedure, carried out quickly and easily.

Under what conditions is domain transfer required?

If you have multiple domains, issued and different registrars. This is a situation where developers have partners among some domain registrars and, when creating a website, make out the domain and hosting themselves.

Then it's more logical to translate the domains into one company.

Another case - when domain names for portals are pre-registered with different registrars and you need to concentrate them in one place. Hence, it is more economical and easier to transfer domains to a single supplier.

Another reason for the decision to transfer is dissatisfaction with the price policy - and then the transfer of domains is justified economically.

Regery company constantly improves the approach to pricing, gives the opportunity of discounts and bonuses to its customers, speaking on their side. Therefore, if you decide to contact us for the purpose of registration or domain transfer, count on quality, benefits and reliability.

Domain transfer procedure

It's pretty standard. First, you do request to your current administrator and ask him for permission to move the domain. The second step is an agreement with a new provider and a request to accept your domain for escort. In principle, that’s all: the nuances are individual in each company, but the meaning is the same.

A number of popular domain zones (com and / or org, biz, etc.) involve a transfer using a specialized secret key - EPP key (AUTHCODE).

The authorization code usually includes 8-20 digits and letters, including notations like $% # and others. The more complex the code - the higher the protection against fraud.

After receiving the code, your new registrar requests a domain transfer. Sometimes you are notified by a letter with the appropriate confirmation.

Would you like to broadcast the domain to us? We are ready to accompany you every step of the way! With us it is profitable and reliable!