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Domain renewal is a natural step in working with any website.

Domain is a temporary service that needs constant renewal. First of all, the mechanism of re-registration of the site name is necessary in order not to clutter (or reduce the number) the “dead” pages of the network. Of course, do not forget about the financial aspect — to re — “register” the site, you need to pay some, directly dependent on site traffic on the domain amount. But here it is secondary.

If you do not renew the license for the domain, it can be purchased by other people, and you will lose all rights to the site administrator.

Important! To avoid fraud, you must undergo the procedure of re-registration only with trusted partners, or firms with an impeccable reputation.

Peculiar properties. 

The validity of the domain depending on the specific zone can vary greatly. In some cases, they can be up to 10 years or more. The standard term usually varies from 1 to 3 years.

According to the agreement, the party renting out the domain may prescribe individual conditions and actions for its subsequent renewal. It often happens that such procedures, for technical reasons, can not be performed earlier than 3-4 months before the expiration of the domain. This can cause some inconvenience, as the person renting the domain can own hundreds of sites in dozens of different zones and just forget, or do not have time to make the appropriate preparations.

Highly qualified managers of the company “Regery” are always ready to help you. They are guaranteed to conduct the analysis, monitoring the state of the domain, and on the most comfortable conditions in the shortest possible time preregistered all of Your domains in all areas.

We recommend you to use the service “Whois” to know the deadlines for the domain name.

You will see the exact information about the specific deadline for registration, release name, price and other data. It is important to never forget that the period of preferential application for re-registration from the current domain owner is limited to 30 days, after their expiration you will compete with everyone on a common basis. As you know, in this case, the chances of successful renewal of the domain license are reduced to statistical inaccuracy (less than 2.5%).

To prevent this from happening, the service of the client account “Regery” has a built-in procedure for automatic renewal of registration of your site on the appropriate domain. In standard mode, it is 30 days, but You can expand the functionality of the account:

  • real time to obtain accurate information prior to the end of domain registration;
  • to extend the period of renewal the automatic renewal of the license;
  • manage various subscriptions, certificates, and more.

If you can not make a decision, or you have any questions about the procedure of domain extension, our customer support is always ready to help you.

The algorithm of renewal of the domain in the online office from the “Regery”. 

Based on the conditions of a particular zone, it is necessary to issue an extension for 1-4 months before the end of the license. To do this, you need to activate the corresponding icon in the options and confirm your consent to the transfer of funds. The procedure takes less than a minute.

In order to be sure of the successful renewal of the domain license, you need to perform a few simple steps:

  • Open “Whois”;
  • Type the name of the site for which the re-registration was carried out;
  • See in the table the date of registration.

Advantages of cooperation with the company “Regery”. 

In the case of transfer of your domain to the service “Regery”, it can be automatically extended for up to a year. This is very profitable, especially in large volumes, as you can significantly save on re-registration. The transfer procedure is executed very quickly, as it is carried out by our competent managers.

The algorithm of generating a profit “Regery” based not on inflated prices, and the large-scale circulation the large number of customers. Therefore, our democratic prices will pleasantly surprise you.

Outside the contracts, we do not practice any additional, and even more hidden fees. Technical support and customer service work around the clock, and are ready to answer all your questions. The interface of our service is simple and practical. With it, you can find the right solutions for most tasks intuitively, even if you opened it for the first time.

Software infrastructure “Regery” is built on a more than secure platform. We are fully protected from viruses, information theft and various DoS-attacks. Registration on our site supports Cyrillic, and for your convenience, can be mixed from different alphabets.

We value every customer. Therefore, the company “Regery” traditionally practices an individual approach. We always professionally and quickly will help to re-register qualitatively unlimited number of sites on any domains for reasonable price. Open our service and see for yourself.